Timm's Two Cents

Everybody's talking about it these days.  Heck, everybody has been talking about it for months.  I have been talking about it for two years.  Prince Fielder is coming to the Dodgers.

Is that a fact?  Of course not.  But as more and more of us continue to speculate on why Fielder has yet to sign, it seems reasonable that Scott Boras, who is infamous for his patience, is waiting on the Dodgers.  With the Red Sox, Yankees, Phillies, and Angels all sitting this one out, there are few teams left that can offer Fielder the zillions of dollars that Boras is holding out for.

And really, what's the rush?  If you're Prince you can afford to wait until the beginning of March to sign, can't you?  I mean, what, he needs to sign a contract for less money than he would get from the Dodgers just so he can be in camp mid-February?  What on earth for?

And remember:  incoming owners have been able to influence personnel decisions prior to actually taking over the team.  Remember Vladimir Guerrero?  Vlad was on his way to the Dodgers prior to the 2004 season but our buddy Frank, who was in the midst of purchasing the team, squelched the idea and the Angels swooped in to grab him.  

What's to say the opposite can't happen here?  If I'm bidding $1 billion-plus for the Dodgers, I'm thinking about maximizing revenue immediately.  If I'm one of the finalists, I'm asking Frank to sign Fielder in order to sell more tickets and to present myself as the savior of the franchise.  Makes sense, don't it?

Too much sense, indeed.

I'll say it again:  Prince Fielder is coming to the Dodgers.