Timm's Two Cents

Thoughts heading into Spring Training...
  • Clayton Kershaw is enough to make me tune in every fifth day this season.
  • Though I don't hate the move, I still fail to see how Juan Rivera is a significant upgrade over what would be Jerry Sands.
  • Steve Dilbeck wonders about Plan B if Dee Gordon falters.  I wonder who is going to pick up the slack if Matt Kemp falters.
  • Thinking optimistically, maybe Andre Ethier and James Loney make strong contributions this year as both are headed to free agency after the season.  And think about the possibilities if they both get hot...
  • From Yeager, to Scioscia, to Piazza, to Lo Duca, to Martin, I've always rooted passionately for Dodgers catchers - they've been some of my favorite players over the decades.  I passed on Rod Barajas and feel equally apathetic towards A.J. Ellis and Matt Treanor.  Additionally, I'm not convinced that T-Fed is someone to get excited about - but I still hope he gets a serious chance to be the starter at some point this year.
  • Outside of Kemp and Kershaw, Dee Gordon is the man I'm rooting for the hardest this year.  He just has that "old school Dodger" aura about him.
  • I expect Alex Castellanos to make a few appearances this year, hopefully making enough of an impact to warrant the Dodgers to not pick up Juan Rivera's $4 million option for 2013.
  • Looking towards the trade deadline, I see absolutely zero in the way of soon-to-be-free agents that might significantly upgrade the Dodgers offense.
  • Vin Scully is enough to make me tune in every single game this season.