Timm's Two Cents

I'm not extending my hand just yet, but it's possible that Dodgers fans may end up thanking the Giants in the near future.  Made you cringe, didn't it?  But it just might be true.  

With Matt Cain's recent $112 million contract extension raising the bar for starting pitchers, the Dodgers may just be in luck.  Here's why...

Cole Hamels hasn't talked to the Phillies about a contract extension in over a month.  One has to wonder if the Phillies can handle adding another $100 million contract to their payroll.  How about $150 million?  Dare I suggest $200 million?  That might be pushing it, but the sky is certainly the limit for Cole.  It will be interesting to see where the limit is for Philadelphia.

Zack Greinke recently hired a new agent and it appears that talks on an extension began last week.  This week, however, the Brewers acknowledged that the two sides have agreed to suspend talks indefinitely.  Does Greinke want to stay in Milwaukee?  What's his asking price?  Can the Brewers afford him? Like Hamels, the bidding will be intense for his services if he hits the market.

James Shields is already under contract with the Rays for 2013 to the tune of $12 million. Shields is looking more and more like an ace these days and will probably want to get paid like one in his next contract.  Hard to imagine Tampa Bay backing up the armored trucks to hand Shields a $120 million deal - or more.  He could be dealt later this season or, more likely, this winter.

So you can see where I'm going here.  Thanks to Matt Cain and the Giants, the price for premier pitching has likely gone beyond the reach of many clubs. And who better to scoop one - or two - up then brand new owners in Los Angeles.