Timm's Two Cents

A few thoughts as I shrug off Tuesday night's loss...

  • Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier have really made this team exciting.  (As if you needed me to tell you that.)  Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I can remember the Dodgers possessing two home grown players in the lineup this exciting was in the mid-90's with Mike Piazza and Raul Mondesi.  (OK, Andre is not technically home grown, but his only Big League action has come as a Dodger.)
  • Dee Gordon has had a few electric games this season offensively.  But one has to wonder if he can remain the Dodgers lead-off hitter with an OBP hovering around .275.  Obviously, winning covers a lot of weaknesses.  But if L.A. were to hit the skids while Gordon is struggling...
  • The Dodgers were smart by not signing Andre Ethier to an extension last winter after an injury plagued mediocre season. Sure, they may end up regretting not signing him sooner, but hindsight is usually 20-20. It would be a shame to see Andre leave after this season, but he remains a bit of an enigma when you look at his career numbers. Heck, Aubrey Huff had similar (if not better) numbers than Ethier through his age 29 season and you wouldn't think Huff has ever deserved a zillion dollar contract extension, right?  Andre Ethier is a far more complicated extension candidate than most people think. 
  • Is Ivan Rodriguez a fit for the Dodgers?  Pudge has not officially retired and last we heard, he still has a desire to play.  He would be a much better back-up to A.J. Ellis than Matt Treanor, who offers little value, if any.  Pudge would be a solid tutor for A.J. and would certainly be no worse offensively than Treanor. (UPDATE:  Of course, hours after I post this segment, Pudge announced that he will return on Monday as a member of the Texas Rangers).