Timm's Two Cents

  • Matt Kemp looks to be having more fun playing baseball than any Dodger player not named Manny that I've seen in years. Of course winning breeds joy, but Kemp's enthusiasm looks to be contagious and is a welcome addition to Chavez Ravine.  It's obvious now that Matt Kemp is the team leader on this club. Nice. 
  • Jerry HairstonJr. has made a believer out of me.  Over the last week we've seen him play outstanding defense at third base, left field, and last night at second base while hitting around .290 this season.  Gotta give credit to Ned for this one.  
  • On the other hand, Adam Kennedy is looking more and more like Garret Anderson every day.  Over matched in nearly every at-bat, Kennedy is hitting .059 and looks like a DFA candidate.  Here's hoping Ned doesn't wait until August, like he did with GA in 2010.  
  • I wonder what it would take for the Dodgers to grab Mark Trumbo from the Angels.  Trumbo is obviously out of position at third base, and doesn't project well in the outfield.  With some dude named Albert manning his natural position at first base for the next decade, would the Angels be interested in some pitching in exchange for the 6'4" slugger?  The Angels desperately need help in the bullpen and they've just called up Mike Trout for additional offense. I'd let the Halos take their pick of any relief pitcher on the Dodgers 40-man roster to start the conversations. Yes, that includes Kenley Jansen.  Not sure what all would need to be included in that package for Trumbo, but it would be interesting to explore. What would Ned do with James Loney?  Who cares.
...just my two cents.