Around The Horn

Want to know how he did it?  From ESPN Stats and Information, how Kershaw shut out the Cardinals Saturday night:

A. Kershaw had an even mix between fastball and off-speed (50 percent of both), but it was each of Kershaw's three off-speed pitches (slider, curveball, changeup) that made the difference.  

B. Kershaw's slider was down (21 of 37 pitches), but he mixed up the horizontal location. Kershaw worked inside and outside to Cardinals hitters, and they went 1-for-9 with two strikeouts against the slider.

C. Kershaw threw a season-high 14 percent curveballs, mostly staying in the middle of the zone. The Cardinals were retired five times against the curveball, four by groundout.

D. Kershaw went to the off-speed pitch with two strikes to get outs, throwing 25 of 39 off-speed pitches with two strikes. The Cardinals went 1-for-17 with four strikeouts in at-bats ending with a two-strike count.