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Did Donnie Baseball use steroids? What does Mattingly really think about Magic Johnson and the rest of the new owners?   What did he think of Frank McCourt?

Don Mattingly appeared on’s “Barfly” with Mark Kriegel to discuss coaching the Dodgers, Frank McCourt, the new Dodgers owners, and the ongoing conversation about HGH and steroid use in baseball.  

Mattingly on new Dodgers ownership: “There's been a missing drive and that's the thing that I know with the new ownership group that you feel again. These guys are in charge. They are going to set the direction and the course of the organization and be behind it, driving it.” 

Mattingly on new Dodgers owner Mark Walter: “I see Mark Walter in Chicago the other day so I said, 'how you doin' boss?' I said, 'Mr. Steinbrenner liked being called the Boss.' And he's like 'naw, just call me Mark’.” 

Mattingly on new Dodgers owner Magic Johnson: “Magic Man, are you kidding me? Killed me. He's like the killer for me. I'm from Indiana. I mean Larry Bird, I grew up like half an hour from [Larry] Bird and Magic, you know, Indiana State and Michigan State in the final four. And then the Lakers and the Celtics -- So, you know, Magic is one of those guys you fear as a kid.” 

Mattingly on Andy Pettite and HGH/steroid use in baseball: “I don't judge Andy in anyway but I tell people, I'm glad there's testing. I want testing to be so stringent that guys don't think they can get away with it. Because as a player, when you're in that time, you don't know what you would do…If you were hurt and guys were saying hey you could do this and you're gonna feel so much better and help you stay strong and keep you going in the right direction and you're gonna be competitive. And when you're young and you're playing, you think, I'll just do it a little while and I can get away with it and it's not gonna hurt me…I'm really proud that I was never into any of the steroids or any of that kind of thing and I'm glad that there's testing because it protects the players from themselves.” 

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