Around The Horn

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle believes now is the time for the Giants to make their move:  
The Dodgers' start has been legitimate but aided by a cushy early schedule. On Thursday, they complete a stretch of 23 of 28 games at home, with the away games in San Diego and Phoenix. Things are about to change. 
On Monday, the Giants begin a stretch of 20 of 32 at home, with all 12 road games on the West Coast, including three in Oakland. Meanwhile, on Friday, the Dodgers start a run of 20 games in 34 on the road, including an exhausting trip to Colorado, Philadelphia and Seattle. Moreover, they have only two days off before the All-Star break begins July 9, and those are four days apart (June 14 and 18).
There's no question that the schedule here tips in favor of the Giants.  It's more reason to be thankful for that 7.5 game lead in the West.  And that the Dodgers are getting healthy before the challenging days ahead.