Timm's Two Cents

Hey Dodgers Fans, where are you?

I took my family to the game last night - snagged some $9 lower reserve level seats from Stub Hub.  Aisle 23, Row B. Not too shabby.  We had a great time, but we couldn't help but notice...the stadium felt empty.  You know, like 2011 empty. 

Was it the Lakers game?  Perhaps.  But really, there couldn't have been more than 20,000 fans in attendance last night - a Saturday night.  That's downright shameful.

Look, you all got what you wanted, right?  WE got what we wanted.  Frankie is 99.99% gone. He's nowhere to be found.  You won. We won. And things are better now.  Really.

So where were you?

Here's a few items that might pique your interest...

  • The concession stands were open.  ALL of them.  Yes, even those out on the corners on the Reserve Level near Aisle 53.  No lines. None. My wife went to grab a soda during the second inning.  She was back within two minutes, so I figured the lines were so long that she had changed her mind.  Nope.  Soda in hand, she was back in a flash. There were no lines anywhere. (OK, I did see lines two people deep behind home plate.  Seriously, that was it - two customers in line.)
  • Some prices have dropped.  Dodger Dogs are five bucks, as are the souvenir min-bats. Those bats were $8 last season.  Parking, as you know, has dropped to a respectful ten dollars.
  • During the game, they ran a ticket promotion on Diamond Vision for $9 Lower Reserve Level seats.  Had to purchase them in the stadium (only) and the game was for May 26th.  Field Box seats were $19.  That's pretty enticing. We almost bit.
  • The bathrooms on the Reserved Level were spotless and fully stocked.  It's as if they had employees checking on them - get this - throughout the entire game.  Incredible, but true.  My wife said the lady's room was immaculate.  I'll take her word for it.
  • I'm not one for souvenir soda cups, but this year's series of cups are pretty awesome. The design follows the, "It's an L.A. Tradition" campaign.  Mine (OK, the one I stole from my wife) shows Kirk Gibson, Steve Finley, and Matt Kemp (see below). It's way cool!
  • Security was well visible, and yet not intrusive. Couldn't help but notice that the feeling was "just right."
Of course, the most important factor here is, I guess I must remind you, that your Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record in baseball and have three of the most exciting players in the game.  So where are you?

Hey, you made your point last season.  Message sent.  Message received. Now it's time to send another message.  Come out and support this team - and the new owners.  Let them know it was worth it.