Timm's Two Cents

Can we all just let go of Frank McCourt already?  Jeesh.  

T.J. Simers and others refuse to let him go. I've moved on from McCourt - except that some people like to stir the pot about the $14 million lease payment and they insist that Magic & Co. have not been transparent enough in their deal to buy the Dodgers.  

Who cares?  I for one, don't.  And I'm not going to spend the time and energy to dissect all of this. I have two points to make:

1) Frank McCourt has no controlling interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise.  Isn't this what we all wanted?  McCourt is not driving the boat anymore.  Period.  And if the price for that is a $14 million lease payment, so be it.  Do I love it?  Nope.  But I don't care much.  Frank already pocketed much more cash than he deserved - I'm more angry about that.  But the big picture here is that Frank will not be steering the franchise anymore.  Ever.

2) Getting rid of Frank McCourt was complicated, agree?  As such, it appears that Magic & Co. had to navigate this transaction very delicately.  The details of the transaction are not my privilege.  It might be interesting to some, I get it, but ultimately it's none of our business.  More importantly, I understand, is the manner in which Magic has handled the discussions surrounding Frank's connection to the transaction. Fair enough. But most of us wouldn't have cared much about Frank & Jamie's lifestyle if he had pursued quality players and upgraded the stadium, as promised.  

If the Dodgers get to the World Series this year or next, will any of this matter? If high caliber free agents are pursued and the stadium issues are addressed, will you still care about the $14 million?  

Under the circumstances, I can forgive a little shenanigans from the new owners initially - as long as they ultimately deliver on their promises to turn this franchise in the right direction.