Timm's Two Cents

With a quarter of the season in the books, if you would have told me back in Spring Training...
  • that Chris Capuano would rank among the Dodgers best pitchers, I would not have believed you.  
  • that Chad Billingsley would have an ERA near 4.00, I would have said, "That figures."
  • that Matt Kemp would continue his MVP charge to start the season, I would have said again, "That figures."
  • that Matt Kemp wouldn't hit a single home run in May, I would have wondered if he he went back to swinging at those low, outside sliders.
  • that the Dodgers were going to pick up a player from the Angels, I would have hoped it was a trade for Mark Trumbo to replace James Loney.
  • that Andre Ethier was hitting well against left-handers, I would have wondered how much the Dodgers were going to have to pay to keep him beyond this season.  
  • that Aaron Harang would set a strikeout record, I would have thought you were joking.
  • that A.J. Ellis would be All-Star worthy, I would have thought you were making a bigger joke.
  • that Juan Uribe wouldn't be playing everyday, I would have given you a thumbs up.
  • that Kenley Jansen would be the closer, I would have said, "I told you so."
  • that the Dodgers would have a similar record as the Baltimore Orioles, I would have groaned.
  • that L.A. would own the best record in MLB, I would have wondered if this was 1988 revisited.