Timm's Two Cents

Tuesday's Hero:  Ivan DeJesus, Jr.
Pixie Dust. Chemistry. The Stunt Men Part II.  Genius managing.  Call it whatever you want, the Dodgers just keep winning.  It's so much fun, but I have to admit that every night (including last night) I keep thinking the magic has to end one of these days. I mean, it does have to end, right?  This team isn't this good - and we all know it.  

Which is why this has been such a remarkable run.  It literally is developing into The Impossible Dream Revisited Again.  

Enter the biggest challenge of Ned Colletti's career.  Many fans are clamoring for upgrades at nearly every infield position, depending on the issue you want to focus on.  But how on earth is Ned going to upgrade a team with the best record in baseball??  On paper, the Dodgers still have some holes in the lineup.  Would he dare consider breaking up the chemistry that is developing?

Time will tell, of course, but one has to wonder how careful Ned will be heading into the deadline.  Is chemistry a consideration when looking to upgrade a team like this?  Perhaps it should be.