Timm's Two Cents

You know, I've been thinking...
  • If the Dodgers were serious about Roy Oswalt, what's the plan?  Was this just a kicking of the tires? Is Ted Lilly seriously injured? Or perhaps Chad Billingsley has pitched his way out of Los Angeles (though Don Mattingly appropriately denies this). Sure, they'd likely have to eat some contract to deal Chad, but how long can you continue to hope that Billingsley becomes that trusted #2 starter? At this point, I believe we've seen what Chad is. And it might be time to move on. As for Lilly, here's hoping it's nothing too serious.  I look forward to seeing Nathan Eovaldi get a few starts.
  • So how badly do the Dodgers want another starter?  Curious about who else they may pursue.  How about Ryan Dempster, Ned? 
  • Tony Gwynn, Jr. is about to lose some serious playing time when Matt Kemp returns to the lineup this week. But perhaps more importantly, the Dodgers may be losing their current lead-off hitter in that process. On the one hand, Dee Gordon looks to have rebounded nicely from his benching last week.  But does Donnie really want to stick Gordon back on the fire?  Or, perhaps it's time to pass the baton to Elian Herrera.  The guy takes a ton of pitches and has a solid approach with every at-bat.  Oh, and he had a .421 OBP entering today's game.
  • Vin Scully said it best Sunday afternoon, following a double steal in the second inning by Dee Gordon and Tony Gywnn, Jr. "So Don Mattinlgy, with that pocket full of miracles, just keeps pulling them out. Everything he seems to gamble with has worked, and it shows in the standings."  Scully's poetry this season has never been better as the Dodgers continue to give him a canvas for expression.