The Rumor Mill

Here's a roundup of the latest rumors involving the Dodgers...
  • There were scouts all over Wrigley Field to watch Dempster on Friday. The Dodgers could pull the trigger soon. After Friday’s game, Dempster and his friends got together on the field and were having cocktails, as if toasting the end of his Cubs days. -- Nick Cafardo 
  • Dempster, who has talked with management more than once about the prospects of being traded and waiving his no-trade rights, is coveted by several would-be contenders, including the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. Rival executives say his rent-a-player status and high performance could prompt teams to strike quick with strong offers. -- Gordon Wittenmyer   
  • The Cubs are talking to the Dodgers about Dempster and are willing to pay a significant amount of his remaining salary in order to receive better prospects. Dempster will be owed around $5 million by the trading deadline, and is currently owed close to $8 million. The Dodgers are also interested in Matt Garza.  -- Ken Rosenthal 
  • Kevin Youkilis said that having to shift from third to first hasn’t been ideal... The shift is actually a plus for scouts who watch Youkilis, though he hasn’t performed well enough to wow anyone. The Pirates and Dodgers could be the teams most willing to pull the trigger. They could benefit from someone with Youkilis’s plate discipline. -- Nick Cafardo