Timm's Two Cents

Riddle time: Why is Josh Fields stuck in Triple-A? I thought the idea was to play him at Albuquerque and keep him around as insurance. You know, just in case the projected starters floundered. Maybe it's just me, but the Dodgers look like they need help. Lots of help. And at several positions. Seems to me they may have a potential third base solution inside the organization, yet for some reason they don't think he's capable of producing at the Big League level. As if Fields couldn't out-hit Juan Uribe or James Loney or Adam Kennedy these days. 

Consider this: Fields is batting .343 with a .408 OBP in 380 plate appearances. Additionally, he has clubbed eight home runs and has 50 RBIs. He's had similiar results in the minors the past two seasons. What's not to like? Granted, it's Albuquerque. But he's still hit .269 on the road and overall has hit left-handed pitching to the tune of .380 this season.  How much worse than Kennedy, Uribe, or even Jerry "E-5" Hairston can he be?

Admittedly, Fields is not on the 40-man roster, so calling him up would bring a significant roster move. But really, don't you think it's time for Adam Kennedy to go? Of course, we'd all like to see Juan Uribe disappear, but given the length of his contract and the amount of cash involved, I don't believe Ned would make a Fields-for-Uribe swap given that Fields is a bit of an unknown at the Major League level. Not saying I wouldn't do it, I just don't think Ned would.

Look, no one - I mean no one - is thinking that Josh Fields is the answer for the Dodgers offensive woes. But he could be part of the solution. And isn't this the time for him? See what you've got in house before making deadline trades? For if Fields pans out even a little bit, it would allow Ned to concentrate his resources on pitching, first base, or left field. 

The clock is ticking, Ned. And you've got options. Time to play a card from the hand you've got.