Book Review

Gibby's Homer:  The 1988 World Series 
Tom Garcia and Karun Naga

Gibby's Homer is the first book in a series of children's books called Daddy's Heroes.  The idea is simple:  introduce children to the sports heroes of their father.  From the Daddy's Heroes website:  "Our goal is to foster stronger bonds between sports fans and their children.  We believe that retelling unforgettable, historical sports moments will not only build bonds, but also help parents introduce their favorite sports to their children."  Mission accomplished.

Gibby's Homer takes us through the dramatic moments of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.  With "Muscle-Bound Mark," "Heavy Hitting Jose" and "Awesome Eck," all of the significant characters are here - there's even Coach Tommy eating a bowl of pasta before the game!  There are no silly nursery rhymes in Gibby's Homer, just clever storytelling that captures the spirit of the game in a fashion suitable for kids.   The story follows the events as they happened in real life  -  complete with fist pumping action as Gibby circles the bases.  The illustrations are simple:  bright, colorful, and full of action. 

Gibby's Homer was a favorite of both of my sons at ages two and four.  Now that they're six and eight, they still get a thrill from it.  It's certainly a book that I never grow tired of reading night after night!   A must for all Dodgers fans with children. Highly recommended!