Timm's Two Cents

Ya know, I was wondering...
  • is it time for Don Mattingly to slot Andre Ethier in the 3-hole? Matt Kemp batting 4th with Hanley Ramirez behind him wouldn't be so bad, would it? At least for a know, get Andre jump-started a bit? He's hitting .171 over his last ten games. 
  • now that Shane Victorino has said he wants to stay in Los Angeles, do the Dodgers have a mutual feeling for next year and beyond? Hard to say. I don't expect L.A. to pursue Melky Cabrera or Josh Hamilton this winter as they'll both be wanting long term big payday contracts. Seems like with their recent investment in Yasiel Puig, they'll be looking for a short-term placeholder for left field. So if Shane wants to accept a two-year deal, fine. 
  • has Ned Colletti completely forgotten about Josh Fields? I know, I know, we've been over this a thousand times. But he's still hitting .323 with an OBP of .391 and has clubbed 11 homers at Triple-A. Not that the Dodgers have a need for a third baseman or anything.
  • if Mattingly is pushing Ned around a bit by refusing to play Juan Uribe. I mean, he hasn't started a game since July 22nd and it's not likely that he'll hit his way out of his miserable season by pinch hitting a couple of times per week. Is Donnie trying to force the issue with Ned? Perhaps. My verdict? Ned is hoping to save some face (and cash) by hoping that Uribe bounces back to some degree next season. According to his contract, Uribe is being paid $8 million this season, $7 million in 2013, and then $1 million deferred to 2014. That's a ton of cash to consider. 
...but that's just my two cents.