Timm's Two Cents

  • getting swept by the Giants will turn out to be a good thing. That is, if it creates a sense of urgency for the Dodgers' brass. Hard to imagine that the Red Sox will actually trade Adrian Gonzalez. But why on earth would they place him on waivers unless they believed it made sense for them to deal him? The Dodgers inquired on Gonzalez last month. Is it possible the two clubs have spoken since? Most intriguing to think about, indeed, but there's a lot of "what ifs" to be answered before we see Adrian wearing blue.  
  • Ned should have kept the hot hand in Stephen Fife, instead of messing with Joe Blanton - a notion I have despised since Ned showed interest in Blanton back in 2009. So far with L.A., he has given up 18 runs in 21 innings.
  • someone should tell Matt Kemp that it's not 2010 anymore. He doesn't have to swing at those pitches down in the dirt, nor does he have to flail at those sliders away. 
  • acquiring Hanley Ramirez will rank as Colletti's second best move of his career. Of course, the jury will remain in deliberations for the next couple of seasons, but so far Ned deserves an A+ for this one.
  • the Dodgers will make up some ground over the next week as they face the Marlins and Rockies. The Giants will be up against the Braves and Astros. I did say, "Maybe," right?

...but that's just my two cents.