Mike Piazza - Long Shot

Much has been swirling about Mike Piazza's book, Long Shot. My suggestion is: don't believe everything you read in the newspapers. Piazza tells his story his way. From his perspective. It's his book, his truth, his point of view. Believe what he says, or not, it's his version of the truth. I found the book fascinating and a must read for all Dodgers and Mets fans. It's insightful, exciting, and at times disheartening.

Is Long Shot what every Dodger fan wants to hear, that Mike was confused and frustrated with the organization for much of his career? Of course not. Piazza doesn't come across as the hero we all wanted him to be. He was a tough competitor who left everything he had out on the field and made plenty of friends and enemies along the way. But, again, this is Mike's story and I highly recommend reading it for yourself before making judgments - especially regarding the Vin Scully remarks which many in the media has blown way out of proportion, in my opinion.

Be frustrated with Mike Piazza all you want - there are certainly some "revelations" that I don't agree with.  Just don't judge him until you've read the book for your self.