Jackie's Faith Not Shown in "42"

Eric Metaxas of USA Today has taken issue with a particular aspect in the movie, "42."

We know that (Jackie) Robinson's passionate sense of justice had gotten him into trouble earlier in life. But the patient mentoring of pastor Karl Downs convinced him that Christ's command to "resist not evil" wasn't a cowardly way out but a profoundly heroic stance.

When he met Rickey, Robinson was prepared for what lay ahead and agreed. But it was a brutally difficult undertaking. Robinson got down on his knees many nights during those first two years, asking God for the strength to continue resisting the temptation to fight back, or to say something he would regret.

But the filmmakers of 42 were evidently uncomfortable with all this and simply avoided it. To put it in baseball terms, they decided to pitch around it.

It's an interesting article that can be accessed here.