Gammons Daily

The Dodgers said "No thanks" to acquiring David Price in Novemeber? Puig batting leadoff? Mattingly wants his hitters to act like the Red Sox this season? Peter Gammons had some interesting quips, quotes, and comments on the Dodgers this week. Among the highlights of his article:

  • They have a party’s over bullpen that will work that cooling West Coast nightwinds with Kenley Jansen closing after Wilson, J.P. Howell, Chris Perez, Chris Withrow, Brandon League, Ross Stripling…
  • As for Puig in the leadoff spot, Mattingly says “that extra at-bat each game be important. I know he’s not the classic leadoff hitter, but he could do some serious damage with one more at-bat a game.”
  • The first (important issue) is the dedication to developing players that can free them from too many $20+M contracts. They could have had David Price back in November for a package of Pederson, Seager and 17-year old lefthanded pitching phenom Julio Urias. They would not bite, nor would they engage teams on Pederson.
  • The second issue is that Mattingly wants to build the grind mentality. “We played the Red Sox late in the season,” says Mattingly, “and they were the best team we played all season. By far. It’s not the walks. It’s the grinding at-bats of five or six or ten pitches, and they do it up and down the lineup. Watch the Detroit series, and that’s how they won, late in games. That’s an offensive mindset we need to develop, and we’ll eventually do it.
  • “I couldn’t be happier,” says (Hanley Ramirez), and hopes that he will eventually get an extension and stay a Dodger rather than hit free agency. Dodger management has moved forward in the negotiations with a yellow light strategy and likely will not go to seven years, but Hanley is probably their best player, one that can eventually move to third when Kyle Seager is ready to play short.
I recommend reading the whole article.