Why I'm Willing to Trade Joc

Let me make this very clear:  I don't WANT to trade Joc Pederson.  But I would for David Price.

There.  I said it.

Now let me break it down.

You don't need me to convince you of what David Price would bring to the Dodgers.  Aside from his enormous talent, one the biggest reasons I advocate for acquiring Price is the fact that he is under contract for 2015 and, thus, not merely a summer rental. That's a huge piece to the puzzle for me.

While you could argue that the Dodgers' most pressing need is offense, it's hard to see where they can really upgrade at the trade deadline.  They're surely not going to add another outfielder of note.  And the infield is pretty well set.  Yeah, you can probably increase production at third base.  So be it.  But aside from the bullpen (which I believe the Dodgers can address without giving up much), the most pressing need is for a replacement for Dan Haren.  Enter David Price.

Think about that rotation for the rest of this summer: Kershaw, Price, Greinke, Ryu, Beckett. Now think about what that rotation means for October. And then repeat most of that idea for all of 2015.  Remember, Beckett is a free agent after this season, so the Dodgers are going to need to add another starter for next season anyway.  Without adding Price they may have two holes to fill for the 2015 campaign.

Look, Joc Pederson very well might be the real deal.  But there's no guarantee.  In fact, maybe he can be an offensive upgrade this season if the outfield logjam cleared up.  But there's no guarantee.  If you're dead set on not dealing Pederson (in some kind of package) for David Price, think about what you're really saying: that you're banking on Pederson becoming an All-Star caliber outfielder for years to come.  Yes, that may happen.  But prospects are just that.  Assets, really.  And I'd rather bank on the 1.5 years of David Price, than the hope that Pederson is the Next One.

David Price can give the Dodgers two chances to achieve glory in October. He won't come cheaply - it will take much more than Joc to acquire Price. But I think Ned should take that chance. 

Just my two cents...

--by Robert Timm