Baseball America asked every big league manager to break down the best major leaguers in a variety of categories.  Here are the Dodgers making the National League lists with (ranking):

NL offensive categories:

  • Best Power - Yasiel Puig (3)
  • Best Bunter - Dee Gordon (1)
  • Best Baserunner - Dee Godon (2)
  • Fastest Baserunner - Dee Gordon (2)
  • Most Exciting Player - Yasiel Puig (2)

NL pitching categories:

  • Best Pitcher - Clayton Kershaw (1)
  • Best Curveball - Clayton Kershaw (2)
  • Best Slider - Clayton Kershaw (2)
  • Best Control - Clayton Kershaw (2), Zack Greinke (3)
  • Best Reliever - Kenley Jansen (3)

Not surprisingly, no Dodger made the list for Best Defense at his position.  But one Dodger did earn some recognition:

  • Best Outfield Arm - Yasiel Puig (1)

Rankings are also listed for Triple-A players.  In the Pacific Coast League, Joc Pederson was given high marks for these categories:

  • Best Batting Prospect
  • Best Strike-Zone Judgment
  • Most Exciting Player

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