Dodgers Fail Deadline Test

The Dodgers missed a golden opportunity to punish the National League on Thursday. While one can respect Ned Colletti for holding on to his blue chip prospects, one could also argue that he struck out at the trade deadline. If David Price was truly available for what the Rays received for him on Thursday, you go get him.

Look, the window for this current Dodgers lineup to grab a title is closing fast. Hanley Ramirez could be gone after this season. And Zack Greinke could bail after 2015 thanks to an opt-out clause in his contract. So, when do you think the Dodgers have a better shot to win it all: 2014 and 2015, or 2016-2018 when Joc, Corey, and Julio will likely be major league contributors?

The National League is ripe for the taking. The Dodgers are the best team in the League right now and adding David Price would have placed a giant exclamation point on that statement. Will the team of 2016 be better than this team thanks to Joc, Corey, and Julio? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But they are unproven and should be treated as such. David Price, however, is an A+ pitcher and he should be treated as such. I'm not always a fan of trading away best prospects for immediate gratification. But you do when you're this close. Notice what Billy Beane did in Oakland. It was the right time to stack the deck and go all in. And he did.

It's been too long for this city. David Price would have given L.A. two (better) chances to win a World Series with a lineup that made it to the NLCS last season. Sure, the playoffs are a bit of a crapshoot. But then again, so are prospects. Just look at the eleven players that have been dealt for Cliff Lee over the few seasons. Case closed.

---Robert Timm