Dodgers Triple-A Moving to Oklahoma City

According to the Oklahoman newspaper, the Dodgers will be moving their Triple-A affiliation from Albuquerque to Oklahoma City as early as the 2015 season.  

The Oklahoma City team is currently called the RedHawks, but that name could change, in theory, when the team changes ownership.  The reason for the move rests with the New Mexico environment in relation to evaluating baseball talent. 

"The Dodgers reportedly have been searching for a city more suitable to evaluate their top prospects. Starting last season, the Dodgers have required Isotopes officials to place baseballs in a humidor to try to counteract the effects of the thin, dry air, Albuquerque being 5,300 feet above sea level." 

The Dodgers have been connected to Albuquerque for parts of 44 seasons.